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Lalynnly is a Jewelry Fashion Brand. The concept the company was founded upon was a pursuit of freedom of self expression whilst adopting traditional processes to provide customers products that will reflect their personality, showcase personal style and spirituality. Lalynnly is committed to creating great quality but affordable High-End jewelry, Vintage jewelry, Retro jewelry, and Fashion Jewelry for women of different age groups. Our products are designed to encourage self expression in our customers and at the same time make a bold fashion statement! Brand founder Ms. Emmy has been active in the fashion jewelry industry for over ten years, and this was why she was motivated to create this brand which has been inspired by women. It is her belief that majority of women lack a sense of their personal strengths and that they dare not to express their own Ideas or opinions; this is not how women of this era should be represented. She hopes to infect those around her with self confidence and a Love of self expression and it is her hope that all women in China and even Worldwide can confidently pursue their dreams without settling for the status quo. This is her Dream and why she has had the passion to create Lalynnly the brand. Because the freedom to pursue one's true self, passion, and goals is a God given gift and should be celebrated! Fortunately, she has begun this initiative of female empowerment but hopes it becomes a movement because one person's power is limited, more people need to take the initiative to participate and it is her wish that we all join hands together to work together to bring about this change. We all need to encourage change in everyone around us, including our friends,neighbours , family, and even our work colleagues!Ms Ruan Xiaolan is passionate in her pursuit of this goal, for this is what drives our company, so we really need your participation! From now onwards, celebrate your self, your talents and let your confidence radiate how beautiful you truly are! Love jewelry, Love yourself, Love your beauty, Love Lalynnly!